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Your Ultimate Guide to Place Rugs in Homes

Rugs are a crucial element in modern homes. There is something wonderful about rugs bringing character, warmth, and color to your living spaces. In order to create a balanced space, choose a rug that can comfortably accommodate all your living room furniture. But arranging rugs around your furniture seems like a complex problem- But it is not as it seems to be.

Putting a Rug below a Sectional Couch:

There’s no definite rule of placing rugs under a sectional sofa. Interior designers suggest multiple ways to do so. However, you must use an extra-large area rug under your sectional sofa to achieve the desired designer look. If possible, try to position the corner of the section next to the rug's corner.

Rugs under a Heavy Bed:

It's a great way to make your bedroom more personal and bring it all together by adding an area rug. Getting the rug underneath your bed depends on how high the bed is above the ground. You should also make sure that the rug size you choose is appropriate for your bed. For instance, a full-sized bed requires a rug that measures 5' x 8'.

Placing a Rug inside a Dining Room:

The use of a rug in a dining room can give it more texture and warmth while protecting your hardwood floors from scratches and damage. A good dining room rug should be large enough to encompass all 4 legs of each chair. The ideal size of rugs inside a dining room is between 8'x10' to 10'x14'.

Adding the accessory to your dining room has some advantages and disadvantages. Some designers often advise against using rugs in dining rooms because they make it difficult to maneuver and lift chairs.

Sliding Rugs in a Kitchen:

Your heart is in your kitchen. As you cook two to three times a day, this area receives a great deal of foot traffic. Having a rug in your kitchen looks strange but it will make cooking more comfortable and enjoyable. Consider choosing a rug that complements the dominant colors in your kitchen. A kitchen rug may have any size as per the area and shape of the kitchen.

Reach out to interior designers in Noida and they will suggest the best size, material, and color of rugs for you.

Having a Rug in the Office:

There are times when you may find yourself at your desk and notice that the floor under your feet is very cold! You can have carpet too, but it just looks awful. This is the time to put a rug down. But this rug must be a couple of feet shorter than the shortest wall and large enough to accommodate your chair and desk.

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