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Payment methods

Tweak Interiors offers multiple online and offline payment options to make your interior purchase hassle-free.

1. Online Payments

Every BoQ shared with you will include an online payment link. The payment is processed through a secure PayU gateway and you can use it to pay through all major credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and wallets.

If you prefer a bank/wire transfer, contact your designer for payment details.

2. Offline payments

To opt for this method, speak to your designer.

Transaction security guarantee

Tweak Interiors respects your financial privacy, and we guarantee the security of all online transactions made with us. So, transact online with Tweak Interiors without any worry.

Transaction failures

In the event of a failed online transaction, no amount is deducted from your account or card. When making the payment, please ensure that you are connected to a stable internet connection, and all entered details are correct, as these often result in transaction failures.


Payment terms for a Tweak Interiors project

1 Project and order : A project refers to home design undertaking for a single home. Multiple orders can be placed for a single project (for eg., one order for modular products, a separate one for services such as civil work). Payments are processed on an order level.

Booking Tweak Interiors : You can book your interior project with Tweak Interiors by paying a booking fee which is charged at 10% of the estimated order value. The booking fee is adjusted against future orders. If the scope of your project increases significantly, you may be required to pay 10% for the new scope before design can begin.

Handling Fee

● Handling Fee shall be waived off for the first instalment paid by customer.

● Invoice can be downloaded from Tweak Interiors Hub

● A non-refundable Handling Fee of 2%(including GST) per transaction shall be levied on payments made by customers against a project.

Execution milestones for an order

Mentioned below are the types of orders and pre-defined execution milestones for a clear picture of your payment schedule. At the execution milestone, 40 - 50% of the work in terms of the order value, is completed. Once the order reaches this milestone, the balance 50% payment is due.

Payment terms for an order

In case your booking fee is already adjusted against an order(s), the following payment terms will apply for all subsequent orders. Need to be placed at 50% payment.

Terms & Conditions

● Delays in making a payment at any stage can cause a delay in the project completion. Tweak Interiors is not liable for any such delay.

● In case of project cancellation after 50% payment, we are unable to refund.

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