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  • Can I exchange Tweak Interiors store credits for cash?
    Sorry, this option is unavailable for cancellations. Your refund will only be processed as Tweak Interiors store credits.
  • How can I use Tweak Interiors store credits?
    Tweak Interiors store credits can be used to purchase furniture from the Tweak Interiors store, subject to availability. Items like soft decor like curtains, etc. cannot be purchased with Tweak Interiors store credits. For a complete list, please contact your Community Manager at the time of cancellation.
  • Do Tweak Interiors store credits expire?
    No, Tweak Interiors store credits do not expire. You can use them to make a purchase at any time, as per your convenience.
  • What constitutes project cancellation?
    A major reduction (50% or more) in project value (vis-a-vis the value at project booking) is considered as a cancellation.
  • Why is only half of my booking amount refunded?
    Tweak Interiors takes pride in its exemplary design service. As each client gets access to a design team who personally works on designs and concepts for their home — putting in a lot of time and hard work — we are unable to offer a full refund after booking.

Changed your mind? Tweak Interiors understands and we’re happy to offer you a refund in accordance with the Tweak Interiors cancellation policy.

Cancelling your project

In the unlikely event that you decide to cancel your project after paying the booking amount (10% of project value), Tweak Interiors will offer a refund to the tune of half of your booking amount. The refund is processed as Tweak Interiors store credits only.

You can cancel your project at any time between booking us and placing your final order (between 10% and 50% payment).

Please note: No refunds can be entertained if you cancel your project after 50% payment. However, we would like to get a chance to redress your grievances, if any, in order to help you change your mind. Tell us how we can serve you better by writing to or speaking directly to your Manager.

Cancelling/ replacing product(s) in your order

Design stage: Any product in the tentative BoQ can be replaced or removed while you’re still discussing designs with your team i.e. till the Sales Order is not created.

Post final order: Because each item is made to order, Tweak Interiors cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items once the final order is placed i.e. a sales order is created. However, please be assured that your design team will always explicitly discuss all items with you before placing orders.

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