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Designing my dream home

1. What is a design concept / proposal and what will be included in it?

Your Tweak Interiors designer will put together reference designs, color palettes and moodboards so that you can glimpse what your home could look like. Along with the design concept, a tentative BoQ (bill of quantities) with furniture, products and home service costing  will be shared.

2. What is a BOQ?

A BOQ is a bill of quantities (BOQ), which is an itemised sheet of all products, furniture, services and their costs.

3. Where doesTweak Interiors source furniture and products from?
Tweak Interiors branded products as well as some of the best-in-category brands from India and abroad such as, Hettich, Hafele, etc.

4. How many design iterations can I request?
There’s no limit to the number of iterations you can request. However, we recommend keeping iterations to a minimum of three or four because each revision will affect projected timelines.

5. A furniture item / product from my BOQ is now out of stock. What do I do?

Don’t worry! Our vast catalogue is designed in a way that you’ll never run out of beautiful furniture and products to choose from. Please talk to your designer to select an alternate product.

Managing my home project

1. Who will manage my project?

YourTweak Interiors designer will be the single point of contact and will manage your project, from start to finish.

2. Will I need to manage theTweak Interiors service?

No. You wouldn’t need to. In fact, withTweak Interiors your involvement during execution is nil. Your designer will do all the managing for you.

3. How do I receive updates on my home project?

Tweak Interiors ensures complete transparency when you design with us. When your site execution begins, your designer will share a detailed timeline and schedule and will regularly keep you updated on the progress via emails, calls, site meetings.

4. Do I have to regularly visit the site?

Not necessarily! YourTweak Interiors designer will visit your site at regular intervals to monitor work. Your designer will also schedule site visits with you to discuss any concerns.

5. Who will be supervising the site work everyday?

On a day-to-day basis, our service partner or their workers will be present on-site to handle and supervise the execution work of your home project.

6. Can I stay in my house if my home is getting renovated?

We highly recommend speaking to your designer about the feasibility of staying in the home while it’s being renovated.

7. My project is taking longer than expected. What do I do?

Extended timelines can be due to a lot of factors such as design iterations. We suggest you speak to yourTweak Interiors designer to resolve your concerns.

Delivery and installation

1. Who will be installing my home interiors?

Your on-site execution will be handled by expert service partners, trusted and handpicked from over thousands of service providers and contractors in your city, to give you a superlative home design experience. All Tweak Interiors branded products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factories, partner brands handle their own manufacturing, and customised products are handled by service partners, and then duly delivered and installed.

2. Who are service partners?

Tweak Interiors service partners are trusted professionals, chosen from thousands of service providers and contractors in your city. Our service partners undergo stringent verification on 34 parameters, including quality, timelines, pricing and workmanship.

3. What are the parameters on whichTweak Interiors vets service partners?

We use over adherence to timelines, labor management, site preservation etc ensure your home interiors are in the best hands. Our regular audits weed out any non-performing service partners and blacklist them.

4. How many quotes will I receive from service partners?

Typically, a designer can find the best service partner for your home interiors with only two to four quotations. As all our service partners are already vetted,Tweak Interiors eliminates the need for dozens of quotations, saving you a lot of time. However, we would be happy to share more quotes if you’re unsatisfied. But more quotations only means more negotiations, which would impact your overall project timelines.

5. The quotes shared by Service Partners are higher than expected. Can I request for more quotes that fit my budget?

Yes, you can. Your designer will reach out to more service partners and request for quotes within your budget. Please speak to yourTweak Interiors designer to know how.

6. Can I bring my own contractor to execute the design?

No. But you needn’t worry! Our service partners undergo stringent audits before they are invited aboard theTweak Interiors marketplace. In each city, we work with over 78 partners.

7. Will the chosen service partner offer everything that I require for my home project?

Your service partner is chosen based on your project scope. The prime consideration, apart from cost, would be, if the service partner can execute all on-site services in your design. However, niche services like home automation would require a field expert, and therefore the requirement to add another service partner to your execution.

8. How soon can I expect work to begin?

Your service partner will begin work as soon as we confirm the receipt of your order confirmation payment.

9. Will Tweak Interiors service partners affect promised timelines?

We take pride in adhering to our promised timelines. Your designer will not only assist you in choosing the right service partner based on your scope and timelines, but will also ensure adherence to mutually agreed milestones and timelines. However, please note that these timelines may be affected due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, which will be duly communicated to you by your designer.

10. Who will be my go-to person during installation of the project?

At any point during the project, from design to installation, yourTweak Interiors designer will remain your go-to person. Please speak to your designer for any queries, concerns or clarifications.

11. Who will audit the quality of the project?

A dedicated team at Tweak Interiors is tasked with regularly auditing the quality of your site — to ensure smooth installation of your home project. Our audit team troubleshoots and weeds out any non-performing service partners and blacklist them. Apart from this, your designer will also be closely monitoring your project progression, quality of site work and will keep you abreast.

12. AreTweak Interiors services chargeable?

Yes, all Tweak Interiors services are chargeable. Based on the design, scope and expertise required, the cost will vary. However, all service costs will be included in your final bill of quantities (BOQ), which is an itemised sheet of all products, furniture and services, before you confirm your order.

13. Are Tweak Interiors services inclusive of taxes?

Yes, all prices indicated in your BOQ are inclusive of taxes.

14. Why is there an expiry date attached to the quote?

Tweak Interiors is a marketplace, and therefore we cannot exert any price control for services, materials or labour cost rendered by third parties. All prices are subject to change — except during the validity of the quote — because of market fluctuations.

15. Will I receive a separate invoice from the Tweak Interiors service partner?

Yes.Tweak Interiors is a marketplace and therefore cannot issue an invoice on behalf of services rendered by third parties. All invoices for the products and services catered to, by registered service partners shall be issued by them, except for design and handling fees.

16. Do service partners offer a separate warranty / guarantee?

Yes, some of our service partners do offer a separate guarantee. However,Tweak Interiors is a marketplace and guarantees and warranties, if any, are directly provided by service partners for products and services offered by them.Tweak Interiors only acts as a facilitator, to ensure our partners honour their commitment/ guarantee/ warranty.

17. Will I get a refund if I am unhappy with the quality of work of the service partner?

Once your order is placed, refunds and cancellations will not be entertained. However, if you’re unhappy with the quality of work of your service partner, we will offer to replace your service partner. Please contact yourTweak Interiors designer or Community Manager to know more.

18. AreTweak Interiors services available separately on demand?

No,Tweak Interiors services are not offered separately or on demand. Our service partners are offered only when you book Tweak Interiors to design your home.

Paying for my home interiors

1. What are the payment terms like?

The payment structure follows a break up at different stages based on the progress of your project and the tasks that follow-

After discussions with your designers are done, 10% of the tentative BOQ will be due to book Tweak Interiors for your home interiors. This is followed by discussions with your designer on the designs for each room and finalising the scope of your project. At this stage, 40% of the final BOQ will be due.


At this stage 50% of the final BOQ is divided into two separate orders based on the final scope of work. One for civil work, MEP work and custom furniture, and  another for Tweak Interiors catalogue furniture.


For your Civil, MEP work and custom furniture requirement, half of this bill value will be due at Execution stage 1. The other half will be due when it reaches execution stage 2.

For Tweak Interiors catalogue furniture requirements, the whole bill amount under this order will be due before the delivery of these products.

2.  How much would the entire design service for my home project cost?

After the initial free design consultation, your designer will share a design proposal with an estimated cost. Once you book us, this quotation will vary based on actual design choices and material selection.

3. Do you charge for site visits?

While your Tweak Interiors designer will never charge you for site visits the number of site visits is limited. Please speak to your designer to know more.

4. What is covered under the final project cost?

The final project cost of your Tweak Interiors home interiors includes everything — furniture and products, design and management fee, charges for services, delivery and installation, and taxes.

5. What is the design & management fee?

Tweak Interiors believes in complete transparency, which is why we disclose actual product and service costs to you with no hidden costs for design and project management. Therefore, we charge a flat 8% of your project value to compensate for your designer’s time spent on design and project management.

6. Why is the final quotation different from the initial quotation?

The initial quotation from your Tweak Interiors designer is a ballpark figure to give you an idea of how much it might cost to design the interiors of your home. As you start deciding on designs, materials, furniture and products, this quotation may change (higher or lower than initial estimations) depending on your choices.

7. Does the pricing of the products and furniture change over time?

Yes, the pricing of our furniture and products may vary over time. Your final quotation will have an expiry date for the price of the products and services offered.Tweak Interiors is a market place, and there fore cannot exert price control on its partners, except during the validity of the quote.

8. Why don't you charge according to the square footage of my home?

The square footage of your home can never dictate the design and cost of your interiors. For instance, we’ve had projects where a bare minimum 3BHK’s interiors would cost less than intricate interiors for a 1BHK project. What this essentially means is, our transparent pricing ensures you’re charged based on the designs, furniture and products you choose and not on the mere square footage.

9. Do I have to pay my design partner and service partner directly?

No. To safeguard and track your transactions, kindly make all your payments toTweak Interiors directly. You’ll never have to make any extra/ separate payments to your designer or service partner. Please visit our payments tab for more information.

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