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The 5 Hottest Interior Designing Trends to Incorporate Into Your Dining Space In 2021

The realm of interior designing is witnessing a radical shift towards sustainability, minimalist designs, and modern functionality in 2021. So, let’s dive into the top 5 dining room trends to give your dining room a modern makeover.

Sleek and chic accessories

The classic, elaborate chandeliers have been replaced by sleek, industrial-inspired lighting fixtures. Smart interior designers are also focusing on incorporating energy-efficient lighting. Speaking of energy-efficient lighting, designers are making the most of natural lighting with intelligent window placement in the dining room. Moreover, window treatments are also getting a minimal, sustainable upgrade with -

  • Eco-friendly bamboo and rattan blinds.

  • High-tech automatic blinds.

  • Light curtains with an increased emphasis on sheer fabric.

Plant panacea

Indoor plants have been having their moment for a while now. Besides being a natural air purifier, plants add a ton of aesthetic value to space. Depending on the vibe you are going for and the space you have, one can go for statement-making big and bushy plants like fiddle leaf fig or ficus to fill up empty corners. Or opt for sleek cactus and succulent plants to add interesting texture and color to the space. Hanging planters come as a savior for those without the privilege of space. Pretty planters with small plants are replacing table-top vases, and that’s by far our fave way to introduce greenery into your dining space.

The Jack of all “arcades”

Furniture is finally doing its job of being functional. In fact, multifunctional! We will see a lot of clean, geometric structures when it comes to dining tables and chairs. The tumultuousness of 2020 has made people indulge and appreciate house parties more than ever. So, the dining table will definitely grow in size with the inclusion of more seats to host guests. A very cool trend, that we will see a lot more, is the addition of benches to dining tables. For those crunched up for space, the best dining room interior design companies in Noida are designing some incredible foldable furniture to optimize your available space.

Bold art pieces

Although we are going for a minimalistic approach, we aren’t straying away from statement-making-art. This is where designers are playing with pops of bold color and interesting textures. Some even look at it as a way to spark dinner table conversations with guests. You can trust the dining room interior design companies in Noida to infuse your dining space with just the right touch of art.

Interesting graphic prints and asymmetrical lines are being introduced to the area with rugs and curtains. However, they are mostly used as accent pieces while keeping the rest of the space very neutral and chic.

Elements of entertainment

Designers are taking a very informal approach when it comes to designing the dining area. The opportunities are varied from including a small bar cabinet to concealed television and home theatre area. The dining room will serve as a space for entertainment, work, partying, and bonding in the near future.

Although one can take on a makeover project on themselves, it can never match up to the expert designing skills of a professional designer. If you want your space to look like the ones you envy in designing magazines, then a designer is worth a shot.

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angie homes
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