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Minimalism: Tips And Tricks To Adopt This Design Aesthetic

Minimalism is an approach in designing with a sense of restraint at it. Stripping down your furnishing and décor to the bare minimum with aesthetics in mind creates a style that’s far from being boring. Modern minimalism is clean, calming, and functional.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, minimal décor also offers you

the following benefits –

  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Helps you spend less

  • Gives you more space

  • Makes organization easy

Wondering how to create a minimal home for yourself that exudes style and functionality at the same time? Here are some of our beginner-friendly tips to help you turn your home into a minimal haven.

  1. Evaluate and Eliminate

Start your minimalism journey with a deep de-cluttering treatment. We call this a journey because it is a process. Take your time. Pick up that flower vase and think if it adds any value to your space. Do it with every piece of décor from art to furniture. And, those items that do not add functionality to space need to go. Warning: you might have to put your emotions on a leash.

2. Color palette

Creating a minimal color palette in a country as color-loving as ours can be a tough job even for the best interior design companies in Noida. But trust us, it is worth the struggle. Minimalism is all about neutral tones and soft hues that don’t irritate the eye. You can add pops of color but restraint is key. Some of the best color family to stick to are –

  1. White

  2. Eggshell

  3. Taupe

  4. Beige

  5. Dusty rose

  6. Powder blue

  7. Grey

The color palette of your home is a great way to express your personality. So, spend your time on this. Surf color palettes on the internet in these families and pick one that you feel the most connected to.

3. Clean lines

When it comes to furniture, clean lines and geometric shapes are the way to go. Intricately carved vintage designs are not quite the pick for this choice of aesthetic. Stone, marble, wood, and metal are the star materials to focus on. Pick designs that are as sleek as possible.

Keep storage in focus. To keep your home looking its minimal best, you need to organize the clutter and store it away. So, a few furniture pieces that double up as storage units are a great choice.

4. Textural play

To keep your space from looking too plain, we recommend playing with texture instead of investing in showy décor pieces. A wall with a brick texture instead of being plain. Juxtapose the simplicity of the room with shiny marble tabletops polished to perfection. The texture of the wood in your furniture, your linen curtains, and the fuzzy rug all add visual interest to your home. And, minimalism enhances and celebrates it to the fullest.

5. Window treatment

Blinds, shades, and valances have little to do in a minimal home. Keep things classic and light with simple curtains that let natural light flood in during the daytime. It is, especially, important in a home that doesn’t boast of fancy chandeliers and unnecessary extra lighting that spikes up the electricity bill.

Tweak Interiors is a team of top interior designers in Noida who have mastered the art of minimalism. So, do not overwhelm yourself if you are a beginner and let the professionals do their minimalism magic.

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