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How To Design A Perfect Kitchen As Per Your Lifestyle

A Modern kitchen is not just to cook and eat. Gatherings, socializing, and other activities also take place there. Even if you go for parallel kitchen design or U shape kitchen design, proper planning can make it the most exciting or the most boring place. Thus, it must be on par with different sections. But designing a perfect cozy kitchen according to your lifestyle is a daunting task. It entails various steps in planning and designing.

Depending upon your home, you have to decide what type of kitchen appeals to you the most. Here are a few things to consider in mind:

1. Think About A Good Kitchen Layout.

'Save your budget, select a good layout, and never go for some fancy kitchen'. The kitchen layout should fit according to your lifestyle. An ideal kitchen might have any shape depending upon the area, but a clever layout will create a significant difference. The 'Work Triangle' formula is best to select the layout. There are several kitchen layouts to choose from, but modern designers recommend U-shaped kitchen design, L-Shaped kitchen, or parallel kitchen design.

Parallel Kitchens are designed specifically for homes with small space as they provide maximum functionality without occupying much of the area. It can accommodate a considerable storage area with cabinetry of your choice. Two cooks can easily prepare food as there remains much space for navigation. Also, this is perfect for already existing homes as they require minimum remodeling and designing. It is also one of the cheapest and safest kitchen layouts preferably for long kitchens.

U-shaped kitchen design layouts are perfect for large kitchen areas. Preferably for medium to large homes. It comes with three benchtops along the walls and a floor area in the middle. An ideal example of a “golden working triangle” rule where you can easily navigate between the refrigerator, microwave oven, and sink. It provides you ample space in the center for cooking and chatting with your guests.

2. Determine The Size Of Your Kitchen.

A standard kitchen falls between 20 to 27-inches depending upon the overall size of the house. Physical factors such as the size of the sink, strainer, water filters, counter, and cabinet are also taken into account. But most importantly, you have to consider that 'what is your kitchen for'. In today's kitchen, cooking is not the only thing you do. These are the perfect places for friends and family gatherings. So, plan your dream kitchen accordingly.

3. Quality Kitchen According To Your Comfort Level.

A dream kitchen is not just rich in design, but it also ensures good workflow and comfort. This can be achieved with U shaped kitchen designs. The layout of U-shaped kitchen design saves some space to ensure that the kitchen is not fully loaded. You can easily adjust cabinetry and other appliances like a fridge, stove, microwave, knives & cutlery, and utensils & tools at places of your own comfort. Additionally, you will be able to add new appliances and accessories to your kitchen.

4. Cleaning And Recycling Must Be Easy.

The smell of a kitchen starts to develop over time. To avoid this, be extra careful in cleaning and recycling the leftover. An ideal kitchen is designed so that it is easy to clean and recycle kitchen waste. Keep all the recyclable items separate. Parallel kitchen design provides you an extra benefit of having different sections to save food, leftovers, bones, and other such things. Provide specific storage and disposal arrangements for all disposable items.

5. Buy Flexible Furniture And Chic Minimalist Cabinetry.

Whether you choose a parallel kitchen design or a U shaped kitchen design, flexible furniture in your kitchen has a lot of advantages. It is cost-effective and can be altered or changed easily. Flexible kitchen includes:

I. Extendable Bars.

Instead of large and heavy wood or metal dining tables, these bars can be folded or slid out to serve meals. Thus, these are easy to clean and save a lot of space for other necessary accessories.

II. Flip-top Worktops.

They are space-saving pull-out boards and flush shelves used in small kitchens with limited space.

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angie homes
angie homes
Oct 30, 2021

beautiful kitchen interior, i love it


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