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Do’s And Don’ts of Furniture Arranging

1. Don’t Thrust Everything to the Wall.

Shoving all the furniture against the walls makes the room look bigger but it lacks aesthetics and coordination. It is preferable to use both center and corners for couch and chairs and give your walls some space. Arrange furniture in such a way so that all your guests can sit in front of each other around a focal point.

2. Do Measure Your Space.

Be honest with your space and realize that you have a limited space to arrange your furniture. To add coordination and intimacy to your room, buy furniture that matches the size of your living room. An unnecessary huge family sofa in a small room can lower your room’s beauty and make your room look confined.

3. Don’t Shrink Your Space.

Limited space does not necessarily mean you cannot choose big furniture to spice up your interior design experience. An L-shaped sofa can be easily adjusted in your living room along with providing enough room for navigation. Besides, you can incorporate large mirrors to add an illusion of space.

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4. Do Keep Space for Navigation.

Traffic flow is crucial when arranging your furniture otherwise you would have to jump over your sofa to reach for the TV remote. For an average-sized room, a minimum of 30cm for moving around furniture is ideal. Sit on the main couch and move around for your restroom, and TV stand, and make sure your navigation is easy and undeterred.

5. Do Have an Inspiring Coffee Table.

A comfortable and large coffee table is the essential thing found in every home. Arrange sofas and chairs around the coffee table and place them in the center of the room. It would be easy for the guests to place their food and drinks. Leave enough space between the chairs and coffee table for people to pass through.

6. Don’t Go for Wrong Sized Rugs.

Your room will look less attractive if you choose the wrong-sized rugs. Thus, arrange the furniture so that the rugs can be placed up to the front legs of large items of furniture. When there is no other choice, the legs can be placed on the ground.

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1 Comment

angie homes
angie homes
Oct 30, 2021

nice furniture arranging ideas, thanx for sharing this idea


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