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8 Amazing Ways To Make Your House Look More Spacious

The most special place where we spend most of our time and feel relaxed is at home. Our home portrays our character, and we always want it to look appealing and enchanting. But it is mainly difficult to decorate a smaller apartment due to limited space.

But there are a few things that you can do to make your home look spacious. Here is a list of a few ideas for interior design to make your small space look larger and more welcoming.

Utilization of mirrors

Making your house feel spacious and lighter is one of the most common and easiest tricks. It not only fulfils the space requirement but also serves as a lovely piece of decoration. To build the illusion of a vast room, you can use more than a single mirror. Also important is the positioning of mirrors. Just opposite the window, putting a mirror will reflect a lot of light and make the space airy.

Built-in Furniture and Shelves

The most commonly used area in a house is the living room. In a living room, the shelves and furniture are also important. But these furnishings and shelves block the space and give a confined appearance to your house. However, it will give your living room a more extensive look by using inbuilt furniture and shelves without blocking the space.

Use Lighter Colours

When you use the lighter colours, the accent lamps in your room may reflect these lighter colours. By producing an optical illusion, these colours appear to trick the eyes and make them seem more spacious than they are. Many designers make use of these techniques of home interior Delhi and make your house look more prominent.

Using Accent Walls

The first thing in your living room that gets your attention is the accent wall. These walls split your room's monotonousness, and it feels like a different space from the rest of the living room entirely.

High – Ceiling

It takes a decent amount of unused space above the 8-foot-high mark to have high ceilings in your house. This space will make it feel big and spacious in your living room.

Create a focal point

The area would be even bigger when you build a focal point in the middle of your living room. It would make your space look more significant to have a television in the middle of a simple and empty wall. The TV draws attention and gives a spacious look to the empty room surrounding it.


One of the main variables that decide the design of your rooms is curtains. For small living rooms, lightweight curtains are often recommended as they do not obstruct or absorb natural sunlight. The use of the same colour curtains is another creative interior design concept for small rooms.

Open kitchen

It is advisable to keep your kitchen open for small apartments to show that space can look more prominent. Having so many different areas can make the room appear small. If you own a small house, consider the Island kitchen because it looks sleek and meets the storage requirements needed.

The best home designers in Delhi can build your dream house even if it's smaller, so it is always good to consult an interior designer.

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