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7 Rules for Space Planning for your Home

What makes interior designing perfect with minimal space? We, as one of the best interior designers in Noida, strive to find ways that can help you feel like a king in a small home. Here are the top-notch rules you can follow for the space planning of your home.

1. Easy Circulation and Navigation.

Make sure you have planned your home layout in such a way that members of the house can easily move from one portion to another. This principle also applies in rooms. Would you like to jump across the bed to reach the wardrobe? Certainly not; therefore, ensuring a layout capable of circulation is one of the basic space planning rules.

2. Create an Illusion of Space.

Introducing mirrors is the easiest trick to add an illusion of space in your room. Try to cover walls with mirrors as much as possible. Even if you don’t have extra space, install mirrored wardrobes. Reflective surfaces bounce lights that brighten your room and relax your mood. It gives your room look more open and spacious.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff and learn to live with less. This is right. Less is always more if you are smart enough to gain the maximum advantage with petty stuff and keep only necessary items in your room. The best interior designers in Noida explain that it doesn’t mean to vacate your room completely, just make a list of all items already present in your room and decide which are needlessly utilizing your precious room space. Start downsizing with the least used items in the room.

4. Invest in Self Storage.

As it is impossible to get away with all your stuff, get creative by investing in suitable storage space can truly pay off. Have a shoe hanger on the door, a wall shelf for placing accessories, a stunning wardrobe, or a corner wall-mounted rack for hanging bags. These excellent storage spaces will keep you on top of your mind even where your little things are.

5. Treat your Clutter.

Transform your untidy room into a clean and sophisticated living space by using pretty and functional baskets and boxes for storage. No matter how big your room is, if stuff like socks, books, baby stuff, or dirty clothes will spread all over your floor, it will look dirty and congested. Keep everything where it belongs and see the magical extra space. A clean de-cluttered room is also beneficial for your health and pleasant sleep.

6. Be Creative Beneath the Staircase.

Be smart and turn your bare walls beneath the stairs into compact pull-out wall drawers. The useless unreachable space can be a valuable storage area to store items like school bags, shoes, and other accessories. You can reach out to the best interior designers in Noida to install functional drawers to reach nooks and crannies.

7. Go For Bare Walls.

This is a mind game. The walls with too many artworks and photo frames always give a cramped ambiance to the room. A wise choice is to remove frames from walls and let your white painted bare walls give an open, fresh, and light aura. A minimal theme structure lets you keeping only your tasteful piece of art on the wall.

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