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7 Best Tricks and Ideas for Pet-Friendly Interior Designs

Pets are adorable creatures that deserve unconditional love and support. To make your furry friend feel at home, it is better to stylize your home environment into pet-friendly interior designs. Here are some brilliant pet-friendly interior design ideas you will definitely like.

1. Under the Staircase.

A level-headed approach to incorporate a pet-friendly theme into your home interior concept is to make your pet house under the staircase. It is an ideal solution to utilize your valuable space. Keep in mind the theme of the pet house matches your floor.

2. Racine Mudroom.

Surprise your fluffy with a three-step Raccine Mudroom. It has a storage area for storing pots for dog food, a sleeping domain for sleeping, and a tap for washing your pet. Hooks can also be installed for ease and use drawers increase space efficiency.

3. Under the Cupboard.

Add convenience to your pet home by using the cupboard bottom area. It should include all your furry essentials holding a pull-out system for pet feeder, a shower station, and a potty box. It is better to choose a corner in your home interior for this purpose.

4. Playground Fun.

If you have a big space in your living room, why not adopt this unique idea. Make a play area like Japan’s Hyogo for pets so you can see your family members running and playing with fun so you can keep an eye on the furries and watch for any mess.

5. Washable Fabrics.

Washable Fabrics are a good substitute for simple fabrics. Cats and puppies barf a lot which usually makes your fabrics on the bed or floor dirty. Use duvet covers for bedsheets as you can conveniently take them off and clean them on regular basis. Matelesse coverlets are very comfortable, easy to clean the pet toenails and protect the surfaces underneath.

6. Go for Denim.

Denim is a good choice for comfy home interiors. Incorporate rugged and durable denim that is easy to clean into your living room. Choose colors that match your pet’s hair as the fallen hairs are not easily visible on surfaces.

7. Sneak into the Kitchen.

Add a chic and cozy experience with a sneaky idea of incorporating a pet house in the kitchen. This way your furry can have to dine with you and you can serve it delicious treats while cooking in your kitchen. Look how amazing your dog will feel in this built-in dog crate.

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angie homes
angie homes
Oct 30, 2021

nice article and very informative


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