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6 Unique Color Combinations To Try For Your Bedroom

Other than elevating the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom, colors also have a significant effect on your mood and mind. A cohesive color palette is all you need to give your bedroom the “just-out-of-architectural-digest” look and feel.

So, we asked the top interior designer for bedroom in Noida to give us the best and the trendiest color palettes for the bedroom. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Aqua Blue and yellow

We are moving over the classic nautical white and blue theme and taking a more daring route with blue and yellow. The cool tones of blue juxtapose beautifully against the warmth of yellow. We suggest using yellow as pops of color in the guise of furniture, décor pieces, and linen while keeping the cool blue as the dominant color theme. You can also introduce white into this mix to create a bedroom that refreshes you every time you step in.

2. Black and grey

For those of you looking to create a Pinterest-worthy bedroom, a combination of black and grey is a rather daring combination to look out for. It is the epitome of sophisticated, modern, and chic interiors. Break the monotone with pops of bright color in the guise of wall art or decor if grey and black are too colorless for you.

3. Dusty rose with mahogany brown

Create a soft and soothing color palette with dusty rose walls and wooden brown furniture. Pink is a highly positive color that reflects compassion and romance and dusty rose is a matured, trendy take on the classic pink which keeps your room from looking too garish. The red undertone of mahogany complements the rose shade with perfection to create a harmonious palette.

4. Mint with pristine white

If the thought of sultry summers makes you sweat then this cool color palette is your best friend. The pastel shade of mint screams summer for its cool undertones while the brightness of white makes the pale mint even more impactful. You can introduce dark brown furniture to recreate a feeling of mint and choco-chip ice-cream.

5. Soft Lavender with mustard

The smell of lavender is widely known for encouraging sleep but the soothing color is equally great to induce a peaceful night of sleep. Choose a very soft shade of lavender and complement its cool tones with the warmth of mustard yellow. Keep the furniture white to brighten up the palette even further.

6. Taupe with cherry red

Cherry red is often not an obvious choice for bedroom walls. However, it is a fantastic color to put as an accent. Keep the walls neutral with a cool shade of taupe and uplift the neutral tone with pops of cherry red for a room that exudes passion and style tastefully.

Want a color combination customized to exude your personality and personal style? The color experts of Tweak Interiors a.k.a. the best bedroom interior designers service in Noida are just a call away.

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