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6 Tips And Tricks For A Vastu-Friendly Kitchen

The heart of your home is a steaming pot of energy. The ancient spatial science of Vastu Shastra focuses on harnessing the positive energy from the kitchen and translating it into your life. A kitchen designed by an interior designer for kitchen in Noida with the wisdom of Vastu is not only a hygienic place to cook your daily meals but also –

  • Enhances wealth

  • Improves health

  • Resolves family feuds.

Ready to reap the many benefits of a Vastu-complaint kitchen? Let’s dive into it!

  1. The Lord of Fire – Agni Dev – resides in the South-East direction of the home. The kitchen, where we make the most use of the divine fire element, is best placed in the South-East corner of your home. The second-best region to build a kitchen is the North-West direction.

Avoid –

  • Erecting the kitchen directly above or below your place of worship, bedroom, and toilet.

  • Setting the kitchen in the Northern region of your home. This is where Kubera – the Lord of Wealth and Fortune – resides.

2. Since Agni Dev dwells in the South-East direction, it is best to place your gas stove, induction, or oven in this region. It is considered auspicious and even healthy if the cook faces the east while cooking.

Avoid –

  • Placing the gas stove near the very entrance of the kitchen.

3. Water and fire are opposite elements but play an equally essential role in balancing the energies in the kitchen. Place the water element a.k.a the sink in the north-east or north. You can also place your water purifier and bottled water in this region.

Avoid –

Placing the gas top and sink close to each other or even on the same platform. An L-shaped kitchen counter is, therefore the choicest option.

4. Vastu recognized the importance of ventilation in the kitchen way before chimney and exhaust came into trend. For natural cross ventilation, it suggests at least two windows in the kitchen to air out the hot gases and bring in fresh cool air. Keep your windows, chimney, and exhaust to the east side of the kitchen to flush out negative energies efficiently.

  1. Storage is essential in the kitchen. From grains to spices, your chef-ey paraphernalia requires to be stored safely. Keep your kitchen cabinets to the south-west side of the kitchen.

Avoid –

Cluttering inside the cabinet. Clutter begets negative energy. Invest in organizers, boxes, and containers to keep the inside of your cabinets clean and well-organized.

6. When it comes to the color of the kitchen use warm tones of –

  • Red (red represent fire and also stimulates one’s appetite)

  • Yellow (the bright tones of yellow are perfect if your kitchen receives limited sunlight)

  • Orange (a muted orange stimulates and energizes)

  • Pink (it is the color of joy which makes it perfect for a kitchen that hosts a lot of people)

Avoid –

Some of the worst colors to use in the kitchen according to Vastu are –

  • Grey

  • Black

  • Blue

We are the top interior designer for kitchen in Noida with a team that specializes in designing and decorating Vastu compliant kitchens. Trust our expertise to not only beautify your home but also to welcome positive energy into your life.

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