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5 Secret Way To Make Your Living Room Look And Feel More Inviting

Love to have guests over? Well, that’s enough reason to give your living room a makeover to make it more inviting. Here are some of the secret tips that the best living room interior design companies in Noida use to elevate the look and feel of a living room.

1. Fabrics make all the difference

No we won’t dent you bank balance by asking you to buy a brand new sofa. We have a more sustainable plan here. Have an old sofa? Great. Now get it reupholstered in a lush fabric to give it a completely new look and add a luxe touch to your living room (on a budget!). Some of the best fabrics to choose are –

· Velvet (super-trendy)

· Faux leather

· Faux fur

· Vintage looking floral prints.

Good luck keeping your guests off your “new” sofa.

2. Big is better

Your guests can only feel welcomes when there is enough seating space for them to relax and enjoy. So, invest in a quality sofa which can accommodate at least 6-10 people. You can add mismatched chairs, stools and floor cushions to expand your seating options.

3. All that shimmers

Get some inspiration from a disco ball to infuse a bit of party flavor to your own space. Living room interior design companies in Noida create a fun look with a statement mirror wall that not only grabs the eye for all the good reasons but also creates the illusion of a bigger space. Another simple yet effective way to add some shine and shimmer is through sequined cushion covers or mirror work. Don’t be afraid to infuse a quirky vibe with the charm of Indian prints, embroidery and mirror work.

4. Rug hug

Most Indian homes boast of hard flooring which is usually marble, concrete or tiles. Adding room-sized rug to cover the hard floor automatically infuses a sense of warmth and comfort. The texture of the rug is important. It should be soft and comforting, like a warm hug to the feet. When it comes to the color, you can opt for neutral shades of beige, black, taupe and white. Or go for a classic patterned carpet or a furry rug in a vivid bold color to brighten up the mood of the room. If you are crunched for space we would recommend avoiding busy patterns as it might make the room look smaller than it is.

5. Plant chant

Plants add color and texture, keeps the air in circulation and absorbs toxin from the air. All of this, while elevating the interior aesthetics. You can do a lot with planters. Make a statement with size by going super-huge or super-small for your coffee table. If you want a neutral monotone look for your living room, try experimenting with the texture of the pot while keeping the color white or black. You can go for bright pops of color or get them in metallic shades of gold, rose-gold and silver. You can also make good use of your vertical space with hanging planters.

These were some of the best tips to make your living room look inviting. Want more scoop on home décor? Follow this space for the latest home décor trends, tips and tricks and DIYs. And, if you really want to give your home-sweet-home a makeover or upgrade, then our designing wizards are at your disposal.

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angie homes
angie homes
Nov 01, 2021

best tips for living room thanx for sharing this blog

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