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5 Hot Trends To Give Your Kitchen a Makeover On a Budget

Want to give the heart of your home a brand new makeover without burning a hole in your pocket. Well, congratulations! You’ve landed at just the right spot to begin the makeover journey. Our top interior designer for kitchen in Noida gave us some inside scoop on the best interior designing trends that will reign in 2021. So, let’s dive right in.

1. Statement faucets

One of the quickest ways to amp up the look of your kitchen is by swapping out your old tap with a swanky new one. Depending on the color palette of your kitchen, you can invest in a beautiful gold or rose gold finish, instead of the run-of-the-mill silver steel finish. You can also look for a matte black or brushed metal finish to create a super-cool look (one that doesn’t get fingerprints on them). We are also going to see a ton of touch-less, sensor-activated faucets flood the market owing to the increase in hygiene awareness.

2. Storage made smart

Functionality and sustainability have become an overlaying theme across the realm of designing. Kitchen storages were always a staple in kitchens, however, they have now grown larger. And, are being designed smartly to remain concealed. We recommend collaborating with the best interior designer for kitchen in Noida to create a fantastic looking and functional cabinet layout in your kitchen. This is one arena you need impeccable designing expertise and craftsmanship.

3. Dark and moody

The international trend of dark marble countertops and surfaces is a boon for Asian households. It takes away the fear of staining your fancy countertops yellow with turmeric. It also comes as a blessing for the wine connoisseur and coffee lovers. These smartly designed dark stone and marble surfaces are easy to clean and impossible to stain. And, adds a ton of character and mood with its stunning dark aesthetic.

4. A pop of color

Now that we’ve spent close to an entire year within the walls of our homes, designers and decorators are thinking of an innovative way to uplift their space with color. Psychologically, bright colors like red, orange, and yellow are thought to be appetite boosters. However, instead of coloring the entire kitchen space in one strong color, designers are opting for a two-tone kitchen. The reds and yellows are used as accent shades to draw the eye. It is a super budget-friendly way to add new life to your kitchen.

5. Add visual interest with Splash backs

Dark shades of grey and black as well as brighter neutral shades like pure white and beige are still going strong when it comes to the walls of the kitchen. However, designers are playing with interesting tile layout patterns, the natural patterns of stone and marble as well as innovative digital prints in tiles to create a ton of visual interest in the guide of splash backs.

At Tweak, we thrive to make your time in the kitchen relaxing and joyous. Cooking is an art and we make sure to design a space that is conducive to creative thinking and makes you enjoy the process. Contact us right away to get a quote.

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