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5 Easy Tips To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

Everything in this universe is a conglomeration of energy. And, your home is no exception. However, the flow of energy in your home is heavily influenced by its design, construction, and decoration. While we can never discount the need for professional interior decorators in Noida homes, there are some tips and tricks to ensure that your home becomes a bubble of positive energy.

So, let’s dive into some of the top-secret interior design tips to make a space attract positive energy.

1. Knock, knock!

The main door to your home is cruicial in the context of energies as it is considered the “archway to victory and progress in life”. According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, one should be facing the north, east, or in the north-east when they step out of the door. It is advised to have your main door constructed out of good quality wood. Put up light on both sides of the door. Avoid putting up fountains, animal sculptures, and statues near the doors. And, keep it clean without any clutter. If your door is squeaky, make sure you get it fixed immediately.

2. Hello Ms. Sunshine

Natural light not only keeps your electricity bills low but also improves the flow of positive energy in the space. Exposure to pleasant sunshine can also keep depression at bay by encouraging the release of the “happy hormone”- Serotonin. So, we recommend making space for east-facing windows which can flood a room with bright sunshine. Keep window treatments simple with beautiful flowing curtains or automatic blinds.

3. Pick Vastu-friendly colors for the walls

Avoid the use of red, black, and grey on your walls. Instead use soft shades of blue (North-east), pink, beige, white, and green. One can, however, use red and orange in the kitchen which is the zone of Agni Dev.

4. Greenify for glory

Stagnant air creates bad chi or dead energy in Feng Shui. Empty spaces of your home must circulate fresh air to bring in positive energy or good chi. So, fill the empty spaces with a potted plant to attract positivity and ward off negative energy. Some of the trendiest houseplants which are also approved by Feng Shui are –

  • Money plant

  • Snake plant

  • Bamboo

  • Aloe

  • Ficus.

5. Art energy

Interestingly, a simple piece of art can have a huge impact on the energy circulation of your home. A painting of a flowing water body signifies the flow of life and infuses the space with good vibes. A painting of Buddha can also calm an unrestful mind. And, his 5 fingers denote the 5 elements of fire, earth, water, wind, and space.

While you can create a zone of positivity in your home with these simple tips and tricks. It is essentials that you consult the best interior design companies in Noida like Tweak to ensure that your entire house is designed with Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui in mind.

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angie homes
Nov 01, 2021

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