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4 Secret Ways Interior Designers are Making Bedrooms More Calming and Inviting

An average human spends 229,961 hours sleeping in his/her life. An environment that’s conducive to sleep adds to the quality of sleep. So, the bedroom is arguably, one of the most challenging spaces to design. Best interior designers for bedrooms in Noida seek to blend aesthetics and style with functionality and a vibe that encourages a night of deep sleep.

Now, let’s dive into the 4 secret ways smart interior designers are transforming boring bedrooms.

1. Color choice

When it comes to the bedroom, color does a lot more than just pleasing the eye. Designers, who are well-versed in color psychology, pick colors that can soothe a disturbed mind, encourage quality sleep, and reflect the personality of the room’s owner at the same time. Most modern bedrooms benefit from soft color palettes that verge into being neutral. Shades of lilac, powder blue, gray, beige, taupe, and mint green are great colors that encourage the mind to drift into sleep peacefully. However, some of the worst colors for the bedroom are -

· Bright purple

· Dark grey

· Brown

· Red.

2. Texture play

Although bedroom designers make extensive use of neutral colors, they keep things from getting boring by introducing interesting textures. We love to see the creative use of rugged stone walls, metallic paint, and texture on accent walls. Some create a sense of luxe comfort by upholstering the wall behind the bed. Those in favor of art have a lot of room to play with different textures with modern sculptural art. They are usually mounted on the background wall behind the bed. That way, they can catch attention throughout the day while staying out of focus during nighttime. However, choosing art can be quite a tricky business when it comes to the bedroom. While the right one can add to one’s comfort, the wrong one can mess things up in the subconscious.

3. Minimal lighting

Minimalism is the key to maintain a clutter-free bedroom. And, clutter can be a major reason to cause mental unrest and poor sleep. This has inspired designers to take a very minimal approach and lean towards the Scandinavian design approach. Furnishing is stripped down to the bare minimum. You will see the introduction of clean, geometric patterns that are functional in place of being elaborate.

4. Intelligent lighting

Research has shown that excessive exposure to blue lights and harsh lights can impact the circadian rhythm by inhibiting the production of melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone). So, thoughtful lighting is crucial for the bedroom. Designers prefer to include lights with a warm glow that is diffused to create a moody ambiance. LED lights are notorious for emitting blue light, so they are usually avoided in the bedroom. Thick, blackout curtains block out harsh light coming through the window, which can also disturb sleep. Another super-interesting lighting trend we love is backlighting. Beds, cupboards, and dressers are perfect to place the strips of light strategically. It makes them glow softly when the darkness. It is energy efficient and also saves people from knocking into furniture once the lights are out.

If you are looking for ways to improve your sleep and health, then definitely consider giving your bedroom a professional makeover by interior designer for bedroom in Noida.

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angie homes
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