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Decor Tips For Your Pooja Room For A Happy Home

The idea of worship has evolved with time. Today, the modern puja room is not just a space to show your gratitude towards the almighty. When designed well, it serves as a bubble of calm and positivity to invigorate you from within. So, we are here with a few décor tips and tricks to turn your puja room into a Zen space.

  1. An ideal spot for your idols

The way you place your altar or “mandir” in your puja room holds a lot of significance in Vaastu. All your idols should be facing the North-East direction. Avoid placing idols opposite each other. Place your gods and goddesses neatly in a row. We recommend you avoid overcrowding your altar with idols.

Always make sure your alter sits at a considerable height. A minimum of 6 inches above the ground. Your puja room should ideally be away from the bathroom. If you are short of space, make intelligent use of your vertical space and suspend the altar from the wall. You can even skip the traditional wooden or marble mandir and opt for a sleek, modern marble platform to sit your deities.

2. A peaceful palette

Color can impact our mood and emotion dramatically. So, when it comes to creating your space to unwind, you must go the extra mile just like pooja room interior design companies in Noida. The color you choose should enhance the sanctity of the room. Some of the best colors for the puja room are –

  • Pristine White

  • Calming soft blue

  • Invigorating yellow

  • Powerful red

You can also add a metallic touch with textured metallic paint for an accent wall. This recreates the feel of a traditional temple with all its metallic paraphernalia.

3. Love, LIGHT, Life

You want your puja room to look bright and feel inviting at all times. Make use of natural light sources like big windows wherever possible to let the rays of the Sun-god cleanse away the negativity. A chandelier looks fantastic in the puja room. However, skip the traditional bulky chandelier and infuse a modern vibe with sleek light fixtures. On a budget? Consider using LED strips and fairy lights creatively.

Speaking of windows, when it comes to curtains. Keep things light and sheer with lace or organza curtains that allow light to come through.

4. A touch of greenery

You know how much we love to add some greenery into any space. But, it is especially, important in your puja room. Apart from the religious significance, plants also refresh the air of the room and have a calming effect on your mind. Some of the best plants to keep in the puja room are –

  • Tulsi

  • Peepal bonsai

  • Banyan bonsai

5. Sensible storage

Pujas in a Hindu household is an elaborate affair that involves a lot of prep work and ingredients. So, where do you keep these items? Storage units! But, not any storage. Top pooja room interior design companies in Noida often customize the storage to make it a part of the puja room décor to add to its aesthetics.

Want a puja room makeover for your own house? We are just a call away to turn it from drab to fab!

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