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5 Ideas to Add Desi Touch to Your Modern Homes

Not everyone wants an ultra-modern design; many homeowners want to infuse a few elements or features that reflect the tradition and culture of their family. India is a potpourri with a multitude of cultures. Though western interior designs for a house might be efficient, few traditional elements complement your house's overall design theme.

When you meet with your interior designer or architect to review the project sketches, make sure that you convey your desire to include a mix of desi and western styles. Here are a few Indian traditional interiors that you can add to your modern homes.

Carved wood or stone elements

Even for a modern house, there's nothing to keep you from having an antique carved stone pillar or door. By putting a carved column between the living room and the dining area, you can get imaginative by using it to divide spaces in an open-plan room. Stone or wood pillars may be used in a modern farmhouse or bungalow to support the roof over the patio or veranda.

It is not appropriate to limit wood or stone carved artefacts to large houses. You may use smaller pieces to decorate the walls or shelves in small apartments or homes to add a rustic look to a modern home.

Traditional décor accessories

As they come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes to suit any budget, accessories are the greatest for decorating houses. Even in an ultra-modern home, a Kashmiri carpet on the living room floor would look good.

When you purchase an item that catches your eye, think about where you would put it in your house and ensure that it will complement rather than detract from the room's overall look. Although typical decorative accessories or furniture for the house are easy to find, not every piece can be appropriate for a specific room or location. When in doubt, you can always consult the best home interior designer in Delhi.

A hint of vibrant colours

One common misconception is that Indian styles are deprived of any vibrant and rich hues, while the truth is the opposite. In the Indian theme, the lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, beautiful reds and luxurious blues are all an integral part. These colours become an absolute must when you opt for an Indian-inspired decorating theme.

The application of ethnic prints

Our nation is rich in prints and designs of folk or tribal heritage. And that is something a modern interior designer is aware of. Even the rugs and wallpapers have vivid colours with rich patterns.


In the middle of the living room, if you enter a home and see a big wooden swing, you immediately realise it's a home desi. The wooden swing is something that we identify with far more than design; in those old ancestral homes, it reminds us of our playful past. It adds charm and variety, though, for sure.

So, many interior designers use this home interior design Delhi and give you a modern home with a desi touch.

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1 Comment

angie homes
angie homes
Nov 01, 2021

we are indian and we love indian touch in our home, tips was amazing, thank you so much

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