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5 Décor Ideas For A Romantic Couple’s Bedroom

The bedroom plays a significant role in every relationship whether you are planning to get married in the near future or want to infuse new-found romance into your relationship.

So, we consulted the best interior designer for bed room in Noida at Tweak India, to bring you the best-kept designer secrets to give your bedroom a romantic makeover.

  1. Beautify the bed

Give your bed a hotel-room feel to relive the honeymoon memories. Invest in a plush mattress that supports your back (and, your relationship) without feeling uncomfortable. Satin or pure cotton bed linens are great for an upgrade on a budget. Infuse a sense of coziness fluffy blankets, pillows, and cushions. When choosing your bed linen, make sure you stick to pristine white or light shades of beige, blue, and grey for that hotel-like look and feel. Most importantly, keep your bed clean and organized.

Make sure to position your bed in a way that the heads face the southern, southeastern, or southwestern direction. Vastu advises against keeping the head in a northern direction while sleeping.

2. Handsome headboard

Headboards serve as a solid supporting structure when you lean or sit against the wall even in the most awkward positions. And, it also protects your head from banging against the wall by accident.

From a Feng Shui perspective, headboards create strong and supportive energy that gets infused into your relationship.

Head-of-the-bed-elevation (HOBE) or headboards has also been shown to improve obstructive sleep apnea which disturbs sleep severely. So, invest in a high-quality headboard. A minimal headboard made of luxe materials like leather or velvet gives a feel of opulence. While a printed floral headboard can create a lot of visual drama and appeal.

3. A canopy cocoon

A sheer canopy over the bed can create a sense of intimacy and closeness between the couple. It gives a feeling of a personal bubble and separates you from the chaos of the world. Create an ethereal feel by complementing the sheer fabric of the canopy with twinkling fairy lights.

4. Make walls a mood

Take a different route from the traditional painted walls and create a whole mood with hyper-glossy lacquered walls or super-matte walls. While the hues of red and pink are a popular Vastu-approved choice to rekindle romance, we also love the beauty of a black and white bedroom with golden accents. It is a great idea to design a color palette that includes the fave colors of the couple harmoniously. Seasoned interior designer for bed room in Noida creates the best color palettes for couple’s bedrooms.

5. Adorn the walls

Evocative artworks are a fantastic way to infuse beauty into your space and elevate its aesthetics. A more personalized alternative to art is snapshots of your happy memories. From wedding pictures to family photos. Anything that evokes emotions of love and stimulates your happy hormone is welcome in the bedroom.

Your bedroom is more than a place to rest. It is your recluse to be your most vulnerable self and share it with your lover. So, invest your time and money to make the space conducive to romance.

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